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President’s Message 

Dear CCEA members,

Our workplace is our home away from home. Similarly, to our private homes, we build familial ties with whom we spend our time. Our fellow peers and coworkers share in our joys, burdens, and triumphs- professionally and personally. These steadfast bonds are the foundation that ensures our commitment to the success of every person, team, and community.  

Bond are formed by treating every person with dignity and respect, regardless of their titles, seniority, and hierarchy. The universal dream of every family is for their loved ones to be happy. Therefore, as a work-family, we need to be active participants in ensuring that we create a positive workplace where our peers and coworkers feel delighted to come to work. 

Not only is this the right thing to do, but all of us as city employees are responsible for adhering to and upholding Admin Order 45 Respectful Workplace & Non-Discrimination. The purpose of this order is “to provide top-quality service that enhances the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Carlsbad, the city is committed to maintaining a workplace that respects all individuals and is free from discrimination and harassment in any form. The policy outlines: 1) the behaviors, practices and activities that are expected in the workplace, 2) the responsibilities of employees, managers/supervisors and the Human Resources Department, and 3) the actions that will be taken to ensure this policy is affirmed.” 


All City Employees: 

  • Model behavior that respects all individuals in the workplace and that complies with the principles and spirit of this policy. 
  • Report any act that he/she believes in good faith constitutes harassment or discrimination, as defined here, to management or to the Human Resources Department. 
  • Maintain confidentiality in any investigation that the City conducts by not disclosing the substance of any investigatory interview, except as directed by the Department Head or Human Resources. 
  • Cooperate fully with the City’s investigation into alleged violations of this policy by responding fully and truthfully to all questions posed during the investigation. 

Management and Supervisory Employees (including Officers and Officials): 

  • Be knowledgeable about this policy and model behavior that respects all individuals in the workplace and complies with the principles and spirit of this policy. 
  • Inform and communicate this policy to your employees, answer any questions and provide guidance to employees regarding appropriate behavior in the workplace. 
  • Be proactive in monitoring your work environment and take immediate appropriate action to stop potential violations, such as removing inappropriate pictures and correcting inappropriate language. 
  • Take complaints of discrimination and harassment seriously by immediately dealing with the situation, listening to the complaint, assuring the victim of protection against reprisals or retaliation, and immediately reporting the complaint to your Department Head and Human Resources for further action. 
  • Implement appropriate discipline and remedial action after the investigation.

If you experience or observe a violation of this city policy, please reach out to HR (outlined below) or reach out to CCEA to assist you in the process. Remember, adhering to the policy alone is not sufficient as silence is complicity.  


Any individual who feels he/she has been discriminated, harassed or retaliated against in violation of this Administrative Order should report the conduct immediately so that the complaint can be resolved quickly and fairly. 

The City strongly encourages any individual who feels that he/she has been discriminated or harassed in violation of this policy to let the offending person know immediately and firmly that the conduct at issue is unwelcome, offensive, and inappropriate and must stop. 

1. If an individual who has been discriminated or harassed prefers not to confront the offending person, the individual is encouraged to immediately report the conduct to their supervisor, department head, any member of management or to Human Resources. The individual should provide all details of the incident or incidents, including the names of individuals involved and of any witnesses. 

2. Any management employee who receives a complaint or learns of a potential violation must promptly report the information to his/her superiors and/or to Human Resources and, if necessary, take action to diffuse volatile circumstances. 

3. Human Resources will immediately undertake or direct a prompt, discrete, thorough and objective investigation of the allegations at issue. All complaints, and in some situations where complaints are not filed, will be investigated to the extent that the City deems appropriate. The investigation will normally include interviews with the reporting individual, the accused, and any other person who is believed to have 

relevant knowledge concerning the allegations. The investigator will remind all interviewees to maintain the confidentiality of the content of the interview and that retaliation against those who report alleged harassment or who participate in the complaint procedure is prohibited.

4. A report of the findings and conclusions will be submitted to the Department Head who, in consultation with appropriate management staff, will determine the final decision and appropriate course of remedial action. If disciplinary action is warranted, notification and appeal procedures will be followed in accordance with the City’s disciplinary policy. 

5. The outcome of an investigation will be communicated to the complainant. Details of any disciplinary or remedial actions will not be disclosed. 

6. Individuals have the option to report discrimination, harassment and retaliation to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) or to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). These governmental agencies offer legal remedies and a complaint process. The addresses and phone numbers of these agencies are listed on official employment postings located on City bulletin boards.

In closing, I want to challenge each member of this family we call Team Carlsbad to hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism to create a safe and welcoming workplace for all our peers. As we want every member of the Carlsbad City Employee Association to be respected, dignified, and empowered

With empathy, compassion, and understanding,


CCEA Board of Directors Elections
By: Brady Ryan

Do you want to effect change at a time when your efforts will make a positive impact in the immediate future? As CCEA is going into negotiations for our MOU and we need your unique perspective, talent, and advocate’s heart to make the CCEA Board a place where all members are represented.  

There are five CCEA Board positions open- three department representatives and two which can come from any department (vice-president and at-large).   The at-large position is a one-year term and can be any CCEA member. The remaining terms are two years beginning on October 1, 2022, and ending on August 31, 2024.The five-division positions are as follows:

  • Vice-President
  • Finance/IT/HR
  • Library/ Recreation
  • Public Works (Utilities)
  • At-Large

Please send in your nomination form found here for yourself or another CCEA member. However, if you’re nominating another person you must obtain their permission before submitting the nomination form. 

Nominations are due Friday, August 26 by 5:00 p.m. to President Mayra Turchiano. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!Thank you,Your CCEA Board

Negotiations Update

The CCEA Board of Directors has scheduled to meet with Human Resources on August 17 to begin the MOU negotiations.

Please Join Us!

The CCEA Board of Directors wants to encourage CCEA members interested in attending the monthly meetings to join us. Board meetings are open to all CCEA members with the exception of the closed session portion of the meetings. The board meets every first Tuesday of the month via Zoom 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. 

Join Zoom Meeting: ID: 822 8325 9384Passcode: 563357

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