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President’s Message
Trade Union vs Association
Fundraiser for Tony Pacheco
Insight into Reclassification
Invitation to CCEA Board Meetings

President’s Message 

Dear CCEA members,

I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting many of you in person for the last eight months. As your new president, colleague, and friend, it is essential for me to meet each of you and hear directly from you what direction the association should take in our shared goals of maintaining safe, healthy, and just working conditions. So thank you for welcoming me into your space, dipping into your bank of trust, and taking a leap of faith to entrust me with your lived experiences, frustrations, and concerns. I know it was not easy and that it took much courage for you to speak up and make your voices heard. Know that your collective voices have continued to strengthen my commitment to do my very best to advocate for our association. It is the nourishment I personally need when feeling defeated but also the knowledge I need to acquire to provide the most authentic representation of our association.

I want you all to know that your trust has not been in vain as you accepted the challenge to encourage your fellow peers to join the association, and our numbers are growing. We were also successful in helping some of our members get reclassified or get a wage adjustment. Finally, we were able to bridge communication between our members and some of our senior leadership. I am proud of our association’s accomplishments thus far, and thank you for making this possible. However, this is just the beginning as I still have yet to meet many of you, so make space for me in your calendars.

Before I end this communication, I want to ask you to trust me once again. I am asking all of you to please complete the CCEA survey. The survey is confidential. Individual information shared in the survey will not be shared with anyone outside of the association. You do not need to login into a google account to complete the survey. Names and emails are not collected to ensure anonymity as much as possible. The general results summary of the survey will only be shared with the board to inform and support our negotiation proposal to the city. I hope you know that the board and I understand your concerns about anonymity, and we are committed to protecting your anonymity in exchange for genuine feedback so that we can collectively make a positive change from which we all can benefit. 

I want to end by thanking the following board members for their commitment and arduous labor of love on behalf of the groups they represent. They made it possible for me to meet with you, from scheduling our group meetings to working with management to clear requirements and nourishing us with delicious food. 

  • Representative Oscar Torres, Utilities 
  • Representative Rogelio Romero, GFE
  • Exiting Representative Melissa Flores, Community Development
  • Representative Brady Ryan, Safety/Policy/Leadership

With gratitude,

What is the Difference Between a Trade Union and an Association?

By : General Counsel Jim Cunningham

The Carlsbad City Employees “Association” is an employee association whose members comprise of employees of a single employing organization, the City of Carlsbad. Employee associations developed initially as “company” unions in the United States in the late 19th century. With the increasing unionization of labor in the 1930s, company unions virtually ceased to exist, and employee associations took on their present character. 

The mission of the association is to represent employees and to secure the terms and conditions of their employment through labor negotiations, to defend the contract through grievances and litigation, and to represent their members during disciplinary actions. The Association is a way for employees to speak as one voice to promote the economic and work quality of life for their members.  

A trade union can be with multiple employers, different classifications, with its staff, representatives, headquarters, or offices, not on the represented employees’ jobsites. They usually concentrate on job safety for the trades they represent and negotiate across multiple private employers rather than one City or group of employees. An example would be the United Auto Workers representing autoworkers against the auto manufactures covering many States and locations.  

While both the Trade Unions and Associations have important roles in representing their members, Associations, such as CCEA, are better suited to give specific and individual advice and representation to their members, owing to the fact that all CCEA Board members are members’ co-workers who many times are working at the same location as the employee. 

Fundraiser for Officer Tony Pacheco

Tony Pacheco, who works in the Streets Department in Public Works, is the father of Officer Tony Pacheco who was sadly injured while on duty in San Diego.
We hope him and his family feel supported during this stressful time.

You can find more information on the GoFundMe page linked below:
GoFundMe Page for Janette Pacheco by Marc Hale

Insight into Reclassification

By : Human Resource Department 
Reclassifications are typically requested when a position’s responsibilities, requirements, and complexity significantly change on a permanent basis and the current classification is no longer reflective of the work being performed by the position. A desk audit is usually requested in one of three ways; by the employee, the association, or the employee’s supervisor. When reviewing a position, we look at various factors to determine whether a position is performing work at a higher level. Some of those factors are: 

·         Consequences of error: how do your errors impact those around you, are mistakes easily rectified, will the errors cause major citywide disruption? 

·         Authority/Autonomy: Do you determine your own work methods, is your worked performed under established guidelines, do make recommendations, do you establish policies, are your task routine or are you given broad guidelines? 

·         Supervisory Responsibilities: How many classifications do you supervise, how many levels do you supervise, are the employees part-time or full-time, are you a lead or a full supervisor? 

A reclassification is based only on the duties assigned to a position and not the qualifications of an incumbent as we reclassify the position, not the person. A couple of factors that we do not consider when reclassifying a position: 

·         Longevity: Although an employee may have been with the city for several years, longevity is not a reason for reclassification. 

·         Retention: We do understand a supervisor’s struggle and the fear of losing an employee, but we cannot use retention as a reason to reclassify a position. 

When a desk audit is performed, there are typically one of three outcomes; a position’s duties have significantly and permanently changed and a reclassification is warranted; a position’s is performing higher level work, but the department can distribute those duties, so the position remains properly classified; or the position is properly classified, and no reclassification is warranted.  

If there is a recommendation for reclassification, there are various approval steps. We must receive approval from the Human Resources (HR) Director, the department director, their respective Deputy City Manager (DCM), and ultimately, the City Manager. This does not consider if a classification needs to be updated, which would require an additional approval from the association.  

Quite often, a reclassification study is a lengthy process as there are various individuals involved, various interviews conducted, and departmental analysis involved.  

Please Join Us!

The CCEA Board of Directors wants to encourage CCEA members interested in attending the monthly meetings to joins us. Board meetings are open to all CCEA members with the exception of the closed session portion of the meetings. The board meets every first Tuesday of the month via Zoom 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 8325 9384
Passcode: 563357

CCEA Board Members

Mayra Turchiano President
Jason Rosado Vice President
Leticia Reyes Treasurer
Christina Lorenzo Secretary
Ayinde Smith Public Works: Transportation
Melissa Flores Community & Economic Development
Rogelio Romero Public Works: GFE
Oscar Torres Public Works: Utilities
Timothy Kane Parks
Brady Ryan Housing & Neighborhood Services, Policy & Leadership, and Safety
Bonnie Crane-Sullivan Library & Cultural Arts/Recreation



Thank you for your dedication to and hard work for the
City of Carlsbad, CA.


April 2022
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Terry Ennis  16
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Aaron Pearce  15
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Vanessa Abarca  8
Sara Kelly  8
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June 2022
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