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Employee Engagement Survey 
By: Hallie Thompson, CCEA Vice President

We would like to offer one more perspective on the employee engagement survey. The response rate for the survey was 54% for all full and part time employees. We have heard from some members that they were concerned about the anonymity of the survey, and others wondering if anything will be done with the survey results.

To address concerns of anonymity, the survey was built to ensure that everyone who responded remained anonymous. BlessingWhite did not send any raw data to the city, only summaries of responses as percentages. Some managers with 6 or more direct reports or employees could see the summaries of responses for their groups, but again, only percentages were shown, not raw data or specific responses. Also, any retaliatory behavior, as a result of negative feedback, is not tolerated at the city. This kind of behavior should be reported to your CCEA rep, HR, or to your supervisor.

With these survey results, the city has communicated a commitment to improve any particular areas, or explore opportunities to increase employee engagement. Scott Chadwick, our city manager, stated in his email about the survey that “the reason we do the survey is so we know which areas of the organization need more support and attention.” Scott also told CCEA that he read the comments from the survey, and is constantly looking for ways to do better. He supports data-driven decision making, and will make these surveys a regular occurrence. 

Hopefully, we can increase the response rate on the next survey, and provide valuable feedback that will help our organization evolve into the best it can be.

Note: With the help of a BlessingWhite consultant, city staff presented the results of the Employee Engagement Survey to the city council on March 12th, 2019. Click here and go to item 9 to view the presentation. 

2019’s New Laws Impact Everything from Straws to Pets (part 2)    
By: Jim Cunningham, Esq.

SB 1192: Children’s meals
Restaurants with children’s meals can no longer offer sugary drinks, such as juice and soda, as the primary choice in their menus. The default option will be milk, water or flavored water with no added sweeteners. Kids can still order sugary drinks if wanted.

SB 1164: Craft distillers 
Craft distillers will be able to operate more like wineries. Starting in 2019, small-batch craft distilleries can sell whiskey, vodka and other spirits directly to customers. Right now, consumers must first take a tour or sign up for a tasting to buy alcohol.

AB 626: Home food businesses
Anyone who can cook can start a business under this new law. It allows people to sell food they make in their home kitchens to the public. They can also prepare dinners in their homes for paying guests. The home kitchens must undergo food safety inspections. The food must be sold directly to consumers, and cannot be part of a delivery service.

AB 1976: Breast milk 
Employers must provide an area other than a bathroom for new mothers to express breast milk. The area must be private and within close proximity to the employee’s work space.

AB 2274: Divorce and pets
Judges will be able to decide who gets custody of a family pet during a divorce. The judge will consider factors like who takes care or feeds the pet.

AB 2989: Electric scooters
Adults 18 or older will be allowed to ride electric scooters without a helmet. The new law also increases the speed limit for scooters from 25 to 35 mph. It would still be illegal to ride a motorized scooter on a sidewalk.

AB 3077: Helmet use by minors 
On the flip side, minors under 18 who are caught riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or skates without a helmet will get a citation. Violators can take a safety course to clear the ticket, and show they have a helmet within 120 days of the citation to avoid paying a fine.

SB 1046: DUI offenders 
Repeat and first-time DUI offenders will be required to install an ignition interlock device to prevent a person who has been drinking alcohol from driving a vehicle. The device must be installed for 12 to 48 months to restore driving privileges, but the driver will no longer face restrictions to where they can drive.

AB 2020: Cannabis events 
California is loosening its rules on where people can smoke cannabis. Festivals, museums, nightclubs and other venues will be able to host special events where people can purchase and consume cannabis. Currently, only county fairgrounds are allowed to host these special events.

For any questions about the law or your rights please do not hesitate to call (877) 976-7766. 

Law Offices of James J. Cunningham A.P.C.
Jim Cunningham
CCEA General Counsel


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