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President’s Letter 
By: Tye Gillespe

The holidays are a great time to remember what is truly important. I hope that you are having a great time celebrating with and appreciating family and friends.  May this season be a very special time that prepares you for a great new year.

I want to thank each of you for your service to the city of Carlsbad and your support of the association.  I appreciate you making the time to send questions, come to Snack Talks and vote on important issues.  There has been a lot of change in the last year; new council members, new city manager, new contract and many new faces around the organization.  Your work has helped to ensure that the city keeps functioning amidst all the changes.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you to Hallie Thompson, our longest serving board member and current vice president.  She has helped in every way from negotiations to member representation.  Marie Ashe-Nutter has kept our books straight for the past couple of years and served on our negotiation team as well.  Thanks to Tom Vega, Terry Smith, Allison Dietrich and Tammy McMinn for their continued service.  Welcome to all the new folks: Tracy Ritzer, Daisy Hernandez, Allen Edwards, and Rosaria Aranda.  And welcome back Eric Smith after taking a term off.  We have a great team. 

Thanks also to those who served our association for years and either ended their term or went onto other adventures:  Allyson Goodwin, Nick Marquez, June Acosta, Doug Kappel, Joe Stephenson, Lindsay Leahy, Aeryn Donnelly,  and Annie Flager.

Happy Holidays!


Gift cards are back again!
Following our CCEA holiday tradition, all CCEA employees will be receiving their gift cards in the coming weeks.
Please contact your rep to receive your card.
From all of us at CCEA, we wish you and your close ones a very festive and bright holiday season!

Consumer Price Index and Salary Increases  

By: Hallie Thompson

According to our MOU, salary ranges will move based on the October to October Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the West Urban Region, calculated from the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The October 2017 to October 2018 CPI is 3.5%, which means that all salary ranges will move by 3%. Because the ranges will move by 3%, this also means that all CCEA employees will receive a 3% salary increase.

HR makes the official announcement regarding the CPI, and you should have received an email with a link to a video explaining the CPI and CCEA salary ranges.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your rep or anyone on the CCEA board. We’re here to help.


Training Opportunities

Respectful Workplace for Supervisors

Wednesday December 19th  &

Thursday December 27th

Development Plan Writing

Tuesday January 15th &

Thursday January 17th

Register Here: Lawson

If you have any questions or need help enrolling please contact:

Emily Guinaugh
(760) 602-2436

CCEA Board Members

Tye Gillespie President
Hallie Thompson Vice President
Marie Ashe-Nutter Treasurer
Allison Dietrich CED
Tracy Ritzer Secretary

Rosario Aranda HR, IT, & Finance
Terry Ennis Public Works: Transportation
Eric Smith Parks
Daisy Hernandez Public Works: GFE
Tom Vega Public Works: Utilities
Allen Edwards Housing & Neighborhood Services,
Policy & Leadership, and Safety
Tammy McMinn At-Large



Terry Bradshaw 12/01/1984 34
David Hiscock 12/05/1988 30
Tom Sugg 12/06/1993 25
Michele Hardy 12/15/1997 21
Bernardino Orea 12/15/1997 21
Juan Ibarra 12/14/1998 20
Jennifer Chapman 12/28/1998 20
Diana Chuang 12/06/1999 19
Charles Balteria 12/12/2005 13
David Young 12/10/2007 11
Martie Clemons 12/10/2007 11
Vivi Stevens 12/20/2008 10
Jose Escandon 12/29/2008 10
ValRay Nelson 12/23/2013 5
Eliane Paiva 12/23/2013 5
Angelica Mejia 12/08/2014 4
Daniel Zimny 12/07/2015 3
Jacob Feil 12/02/2015 3
Sandra Roth 12/04/2017 1