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President’s Letter 
By: Tye Gillespe

January Raises
One of the outcomes of the negotiations we completed earlier this year is the provision for raises that will be enacted on January 1, 2019. The provision describes two distinct but related concepts: salary range movement and salary increases.

Salary Range Movement
Each job classification has a salary range (for example $40K to $60K). The MOU stipulates that each salary range will increase based on the CPI. The
Bureau of Labor Statistics website ( defines CPI as ” a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services.”
See February newsletter for more info on this. We will be using the October West Urban CPI report to identify the CPI for the range movement.

The salary ranges will be increased by the CPI to a minimum of .5% and a maximum of 3%. So if the CPI drops below .5%, the salary ranges will move up .5%. If the CPI goes above 3%, the salary ranges will increase by 3%. For all other cases, the salary range movement will be equal to the CPI. For example:

  • If CPI = – 2%, salary ranges would increase by
  • If CPI = 2.5 %, salary ranges increase by 2.5%
  • If CPI = 4%, salary ranges increase by 3%

Salary range movement should be considered a separate action from individual salary increases. This movement will essentially determine how much ‘headroom’ each employee has in their salary range.

Salary Increases
In general, individual employees salaries fall within the salary range for their classification. When the salary range increases, the maximum salary for the range increases. Employees now have more space between their salary and the top of the range.

Employees will receive a 3% increase or will be moved to the maximum salary for their range; whichever is least. Therefore, any employee who is
more than 3% from the top of their salary range will receive a 3% increase. Those who are closer than 3% from the top of their range will be moved to the top of their range. For our example salary range ($40K to
$60K) increased by 2% ($40.8K to $61.2K):

  • Employee A, in the middle of his salary range ($50K) will get a 3% increase ($51.5K)
  • Employee B, near the top of her salary range ($59K) will get a 3% increase ($60.8K)
  • Employee C, at the top of the range ($60K) will get a 2% increase ($61.2K)

Because of these factors, if the CPI is 3% or greater, all employees will receive a 3% raise.

We will be using the October 2018 West Urban CPI report to determine the January raises. We hope to have that information soon. We will set up a couple of meetings toward the end of this month to go over those numbers with the members.


We are excited to announce that our newly designed website is up and running!

Your Right to Representation at an Administrative Interview
By James J.  Cunningham Esq. CCEA General Counsel

The CCEA receives many inquires from their membership about whether they need to have a CCEA rep present when they are being interviewed or questioned by their supervisor, the City HR or any third party. The law provides significant protections to employees who are being interviewed under circumstances that may lead to potential discipline, civil liability or even criminal charges.

The word interview has been interpreted to mean any questioning of an employee that may result in a punitive action such as discipline. For example, if an employee is suddenly called into the supervisor’s office and asked to respond to a citizen’s complaint they would be entitled to have a representative present before answering any questions. The questioning does not need to be at a formal fact finding interview, at a specific location, or at a specific time, it simply has to be questions by an employee’s supervisor, command staff, or designee that the employee reasonably believes may result in discipline. Although, you may be informed that you are only a witness to facts surrounding an investigation you are always entitled to have a representative present if you reasonably believe there is a potential, even a slight potential, your answers may result in punitive actions (discipline). Picking up a notice of intent to discipline, without being questioned, does not mandate the right to representation. If, however, questions are asked about the facts surrounding the notice then a representative should be requested.

The representative, be it an attorney or assigned representative by the Association, will be able to assure that all of the rights of a CCEA member under investigation are protected. Such protections include but are not limited to:

  • The interview shall be conducted at a reasonable hour, when the member is on duty.
  • If the interview does occur during off-duty time the member shall be compensated as if had been at work.
  • The member under investigation shall be informed of the nature of the investigation prior to any interview.
  • The employer shall not cause the member under investigation to be subjected to visits by the press or news media without his or her express written consent.
  • The complete interview of the member may be recorded. The member being interviewed shall have the right to bring his or her own recording device and record any and all aspects of the interview.

Considering the litigious and contention world public employees now live in, now more then ever, you need to be diligent in the protection of your rights to representation when you are subject to any questioning that may lead to any potential for discipline, civil liability , or potential criminal charges. . Do not hesitate to call CCEA you have any questions or concerns.

Training Opportunities

Foresters Financial – PERS & Social Security
Tuesday November 27th

Wednesday November 28th

Respectful Workplace for Supervisors
Wednesday November 28th

Foresters Financial – PERS & Social Security
Thursday December 6th

Register Here: Lawson
If you have any questions or need help enrolling please contact:
Emily Guinaugh (760) 602-2436

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