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Supreme Court: Employee Rights

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Snack Talk

Join us for our monthly snack talk to participate in the discussion. Upcoming Snack Talks: September 13th 12:00pm – 1:00pm CMWD Water Conference Room

President’s Letter  

By: Tye Gillespe

New Vice President I am pleased to announce that Hallie Thompson is the new CCEA Vice President. She is a long-time board member and during her tenure she has done a great job of representing numerous employees in discipline and workman’s comp cases.  Further, her concern for the members and great people skills were a big asset on the negotiation team for the current contract.  Please join me in welcoming her to her new role. New Board Members In the last newsletter I mentioned that we would potentially have 5 vacancies on the board and this would make it difficult to conduct association business.  Because of offers to help from several members we have only one vacancy.   Thanks to all of you who stepped up.  Here are our new/returning board members:

  • Library and Cultural Arts and Recreation – Allen Edwards
  • Parks – Aeryn Donnelly
  • IT, HR, and Finance – Annie Flager
  • Public Works: Utilities – Tom Vega
  • At large – Tammy McMinn
  • Housing and Neighborhood Services, Policy and Leadership and Safety – Tracy Ritzer

One of the board members, Allen Edwards, is representing a department that he doesn’t work for.  This is because no one from that department was nominated or expressed interest in serving.  In these cases the board is able to appoint representatives from other departments. Annual Meeting Though there will not be an election this year, we will still hold our Annual Member Meeting.  This year it will be held on September 27 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the Safety Center.  Come by for some lunch and a review of the past year as well as thoughts on the coming year. Got Questions? Let us know if you have any questions about anything that’s going on.  Your representatives are there for you so please feel free to contact to them.  Each month we have Snack Talks around the city.  Come by and let us know what’s on your mind or stop by our booth at the upcoming Health Fair.  We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Tye

Training Opportunities

CPR Training
Wednesday September 26th Faraday 173B 8am – Noon
OR Thursday October 4th Safety Training Center, Room 2 8am – Noon
Foresters Financial Healthcare in Retirement
Tuesday September 25th Faraday 173A 9am – 10am *breakfast provided
OR Tuesday September 25th Safety Training Center, Room 1 2pm – 3pm *snacks provided Individual
Development Plan Writing
Thursday October 18th Safety Training Center, Room 1 8am – 11am OR 1pm – 4pm
Register Here: Lawson

If you have any questions or need help enrolling please contact: Emily Guinaugh (760) 602-2436

California Supreme Court Weighs in on Employee Rights

By James J.  Cunningham Esq.  CCEA General Counsel

A few weeks ago the California Supreme Court in the case of Boling v. PERB et. al issued an unanimous decision affirming a Union’s (or Associations) rights to negotiate (meet and confer) with the employer before the employer changes the “terms and conditions” of the employee’s employment. The Boling case (commonly referred to as the Prop B case) dealt with the then Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders , attempt to change the City of San Diego Employee’s (excluding the Police Department) pension formula, and structure, by eliminating the defined benefit pension, which all CCEA members have, and replace it with a 401 style retirement plan. The Mayor refused to meet with the Unions and instead supported and advocated for a citizen’s initiate to change the employees pensions. The initiative went to the voters six years ago and was passed with over 65% of the vote. My office represented the San Diego City Deputy City Attorneys Association who together with other impacted unions, filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint with the Public Employees Relations Bureau who  after a hearing, ruled in our favor and issued a charge against the City and ordered them to restore the pensions. That was appealed and made its way to the California Supreme Court. When I appeared in front of the Supreme Court a few months ago, the Court seems acutely interested in the conduct of the Mayor and the authority of PERB to issue the decision to annul the Prop B pension vote. The decision was rendered making law that will likely be followed for years to come. First, the Court ruled that PERB’s decision was supported by substantial evidence and should not have been reversed by the Appellate Court. Secondly, the Court held that any City that attempts to change the terms and conditions of a union members employment must meet and confer with the Union, in good faith, BEFORE any changes can be implemented. Every day the CCEA monitors the City of Carlsbad’s actions to assure that if your fundamental rights are not violated by the City’s unilateral changes to the your fundamental rights as an employee with the City of Carlsbad. The Boling case reaffirms the CCEA’s rights to protect your contract with the City and provides for a remedy if those rights are violated. Fortunately, the City of Carlsbad has not chosen to circumvent bargaining with CCEA for your wages and benefits. However, the Boling decision will assure, that, in the future, CCEA members rights will be well protected.

CCEA Board Members

Tye Gillespie President

Hallie Thompson Vice President

Lindsay Leahy Secretary

Marie Ashe-Nutter Treasurer

Aeryn Donnelly Parks

Allison Taylor CED

Tracy Ritzer Housing & Neighborhood Services, Policy & Leadership, and Safety

Terry Ennis Public Works: Transportation

Daisy Hernandez Public Works: GFE

Tom Vega Public Works: Utilities

Annie Flager: Finance/HR/IT

Allen Edwards Library/Rec

Tammy McMinn At-Large



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Heidi Wyner 09/07/1999 – 19

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