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CCEA Executive Board

Happy Spring CCEA!! As spring quickly approaches, the flowers bloom and the days get longer in anticipation of summer, it is a good time to remind ourselves what the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) is and how it impacts us as CCEA members. The MOU is a negotiated contract that the City of Carlsbad has agreed to and allows for certain protections to its members. Make sure you read it, understand it, and ask questions if you need to. (And discuss anything you find interesting, helpful, etc. with one another!) The MOU is only as strong as the members’ understanding and use of it.  The MOU can be found on the Carlsbad City Employee Association’s website at

When am I Entitled to have a CCEA Representative Present at an Administrative Interview?

By : Jim Cunningham 

The United States Supreme Court in, 1975, decided a case called the National Labor Relations Board v. Weingarten which provided certain protections and procedures for employees and their union representatives when the employer seeks to interview an employee. These are typically referred to as “Weingarten rights.”

Weingarten provided, in essence, that if an employee reasonably believes that an investigatory interview can lead to discipline, that they are entitled to have, upon request, a union representation. The term “reasonably believes could lead to discipline” has been interpreted to mean what the employee believes may happen as a result of the interview not what the employer intends. Consequentially, any time you are interviewed involving a disciplinary matter you have the right may have the right to request representation noting that if the employer believes you were not truthful, during the interview, you could be subject to discipline. In practice, most employers, including the City of Carlsbad, will provide the opportunity to have a representative present if you ask for one.

The term “interview” does not necessarily mean a formal meeting where two people are present and questions are asked. As in the case with Weingarten, where they interviewed the employee at a counter in the store, the location and formality of the meeting is not controlling as to whether it is indeed an interview. If you are being asked about an incident or issue that could lead to discipline for you or others, it is an interview, and you should be afforded your Weingarten rights. Under those circumstances you have the right to ask for a CCEA representative who can provide guidance or structure to the interview and ensure your rights are protected.

Accordingly, if you are ever contacted by any superior, supervisor, human resource employee, or anyone who wishes to discuss a matter with you involving potential discipline, you are well advised to contact CCEA for advice and guidance.

Please Join Us!

The CCEA Board of Directors wants to encourage CCEA members interested in attending the monthly meetings to joins us. Board meetings are open to all CCEA members with the exception of the closed session portion of the meetings. The board meets every first Tuesday of the month via Zoom 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. 

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CCEA Board Members

Mayra Turchiano President
Jason Rosado Vice President
Leticia Reyes Treasurer
Christina Lorenzo Secretary
Ayinde Smith Public Works: Transportation
Melissa Flores Community & Economic Development
Rogelio Romero Public Works: GFE
Oscar Torres Public Works: Utilities
Timothy Kane Parks
Brady Ryan Housing & Neighborhood Services, Policy & Leadership, and Safety
Bonnie Crane-Sullivan Library & Cultural Arts/Recreation


Thank you for your dedication to and hard work for the
City of Carlsbad, CA.


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