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-President’s Letter
-COVID-19’s Impact on Budget
-2020 Anniversaries


President’s Letter 
By: Hallie Thompson 

While it has been a moment since the last CCEA newsletter, please know that we have been hard at work during these times. We could not be more proud to represent such an awesome and professional group of employees.

Because of you, we are energized and confident to represent you in our upcoming contract negotiations. Our negotiations team includes Leticia Reyes, Ayinde “Trini” Smith, Bonnie Crane-Sullivan, Mayra Turciano, and myself. If you are interested in helping with data analysis, research, and other behind-the-scenes aspects of negotiations, please contact your board representative.

Also, our member survey for negotiations is coming soon. Please respond promptly to the survey. We need, and value, your response and input to shape our negotiation process.

Recent Changes to Our Contract
We are happy to report on some recent positive changes to our contract:

1. Boot allowance has increased to $450 and includes insoles.

2. Confined Space Pay has been approved for certain Wastewater positions, because of the potential presence of COVID-19 in wastewater.

3. Emergency responders now have COVID-19 leave benefits. Some Public Works positions are considered emergency responders and are eligible for these benefits.

A huge thanks to the Human Resources team, with whom it has been a wonderful collaboration. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your board representative or Human Resources.

As always, should you have any concerns about your specific work environment, please contact your board representative. We are committed to ensuring your safety at work.

Thank you, Hallie



COVID-19’s Impact on Budget 
By: Esther Lan 

The pandemic has affected the City with permanent revenue loss. Carlsbad works tirelessly year after year to produce balanced budgets to lessen the impact of unpredictable times like these.

The budget team, leadership, and Council have worked to identify areas for savings in order to preserve personnel and core city services. The city has taken a stringent spending stance on decisions for the foreseeable future. All departments have worked together since the start of the pandemic in addressing forecasted shortages by reviewing current year and next year’s spending. One notable impact will be trainings; only required training will continue until the City’s cash flows are determined to be stable again. A detailed presentation by Finance was given to Council and is available to watch on the City’s website.

The message is clear from Council and leadership: All changes will be transparent – and every measure is being taken to preserve personnel.

Your CCEA representatives have been diligently monitoring all requests made that have an impact on our members – and it is our number one priority  be here for you during this time. Please reach out to your representative with any and all questions.

By: Rosaria Aranda

Without a doubt our current events can feel overwhelming. Trying to keep up with new information while balancing work and home life leaves us feeling stressed, tired, and sleepless. You are not alone. We are all facing challenging times and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. It is important to find ways to help calm yourself during this time; it helps our physical and mental health. Now is the perfect time to set aside 15-30 minutes each day to practice self-care. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Go for a walk – Getting fresh air and vitamin D is helpful in lifting up your mood.

2. Disconnect from technology – Take a break from the news and social media by dusting off that book you’ve been meaning to read.

3. Meditate – Insight Timer is a free app with thousands of guided meditations for all levels. You can also find plenty of meditation videos on YouTube like this one.

4. Try a new recipe – This is a great time to fine tune those cooking skills. Here’s a video to get you started.

5. Call a friend or family member – Or if you prefer a trained counselor, contact 211.

Please reach out to your CCEA representative if you have questions or concerns. We are more than happy to help during these unprecedented times. 

Hallie Thompson

Hallie Thompson


I’ve been on the board for a few years now. I’ve been with Environmental Management, Watershed Protection, for about 11 years. I enjoy working on CCEA because not only do we help our employees, but I’ve also learned some great life skills of diplomacy, constructive conversations, and negotiating skills. It’s a great opportunity to see all sides of our amazing organization.

Marie Ashe-Nutter

Marie Ashe-Nutter

Vice President

I work in the IT Department and have been with the city for 19 years. The city has been great with my personal and professional growth. I’ve grown to admire and cherish the people I work with and consider them family.

Mayra Turchiano

Mayra Turchiano


I am currently the Library Assistant for the Library Learning Center and have worked for the City for 10 years. I chose to serve on the board because I firmly believe in civic engagement and if we want change to happen then change start with yourself. Not to mention I have a passion for helping others.

Rosaria Aranda

Rosaria Aranda


I’ve been with the City for 4 years in the Finance department. I chose to serve on the board because I want to be involved in helping others.

Daisy Hernandez

Daisy Hernandez


I’ve been with the Planning Department just under 2 years. I chose to join the board because I enjoy advocating for my peers and being part of a team that creates positive change.

Leticia Reyes

Leticia Reyes

Public Works: Transportation

I’ve been with the City for 12 years (6 in CED, 5 at the City Manager’s office, 1 in Public Works). I chose to be a part of the board because I thought I could represent my team well.

Ayinde Smith aka Trini

Ayinde Smith aka Trini

Public Works: GFE

As of November 5th, 2019 I have been employed with the City for 13 years; 11 in Streets and 2 in Storm Drain Maintenance. I Am Blesssd.

Allen Edwards

Allen Edwards

Housing & Neighborhood Services, Policy & Leadership, and Safety

I was hired at the City of Carlsbad in 2016. I joined the CCEA Board in 2018 because I feel it is important for employees to get involved in the employee association even if they can only attend a Snack Talk. In fact, I occasionally remind my colleagues of an old saying that sums it all up for me: “History is made by those who show up.”

Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Parks Maintenance

I’ve been with the City for 12.5 years as a Tree Trimmer 2 . I really enjoy working with others in any way I can be of help.

Esther Lan

Esther Lan

HR, IT, & Finance

I am an accountant in the Finance department and I have been with the city for one year. I chose to be on the board simply because I wanted to be involved.

Tom Vega

Tom Vega

Public Works: Utilities

I’ve worked in the Wastewater Div for 11 yrs and have been a CCEA representative for approximately 6 yrs. I originally joined the board to promote a positive working culture and to encourage participation amongst our current members.

Bonnie Crane-Sullivan

Bonnie Crane-Sullivan

Library & Cultural Arts and Parks & Recreation

I have been with the city for 11.5 years working as the Production Technician at the Dove Library helping with events. I chose to be on the board to help others and to get to know more of my fellow employees.

Ally Goodwin

Ally Goodwin

At Large

I am a Children’s Librarian at the Dove Library and I have worked for the City for 26 years. I chose to serve
on the Board for the same reason I serve at the Library; I enjoy helping others and being part of a team

CCEA Board Members

Hallie Thompson President
Marie Ashe-Nutter Vice President
Rosario Aranda Treasurer
Mayra Turchiano Secretary
Leticia Reyes Public Works: Transportation
Daisy Hernandez Community & Economic Development
Ayinde Smith Public Works: GFE
Tom Vega Public Works: Utilities
Allen Edwards Housing & Neighborhood Services, Policy & Leadership, and Safety 
Eric Smith Parks 
Esther Lan HR, IT, and Finance
Bonnie Crane -Sullivan Library & Recreation 
Ally Goodwin At-Large

What are we doing well?
What can we do better?
Do you have ideas for Snack Talk topics?
Please submit your feedback to



January 2020
Scott Rudinger    38
Greg Maclellan    20
Eric Martinez    19

Della Russell    18
Carrie Scott    18
Adam Lord    16
June Acosta    15
Madelyn Horton    15
Tecla Levy    13
Thoma  Elg    13
Eric Smith    14
Maile McKeon    11
David Shunnara    10
Andrea Hilliard    8
Dianne Evans    6
Irma Cazarez    6
Tracy Ritzer    4
Kyle Ricciarelli    3
Paul Dan    3
Oscar Torres    3
David Hull    3
Jon Aasted    3
Sarah Cluff    3
Anthony Eckert    1
February 2020
Nancy Ludwig    27
Jeremy Bauer    23
Helen Morones    23
Larry Ferris    21
Anne Marie Koo    19
Mark Hogan    14
Shawnetta Grandberry    18
Matt Metzger    18
Jennifer Jesser    18
Nick Marquez    17
Omar Agraz    16
ChristopherHinojosa    13
Gary Hornby    13
Dan Goggin    13
Rogelio Romero    13
Galdino Mendez Osorio    13
Helen McCann    10
Paul Burnette    8
Daniel Steele    7
Kyle Wade    5
Rosario Aranda    5
Dan Rosales    4
Sarah Dana    4
Matthew Hollingsworth    3
Sarah Reiswig    3
Kassandra Lopez    3
Silas Saada    3
Sheri Hanlon    2
Frances Ballard    2

March 2020
Tom Sanchez    24
Barbara Kennedy    22
Graham Jordan    20
Linda Ontiveros    19
Marcia Long    17
Kira Linberg    17
Anthony Pacheco    13
Hector Gomez    7
Ian Ferrell    7
Matt Ream    7
Mia De Marzo    6
Nathan Baker    6
Dmitry Johnson    5
Eleida Felix Yackel    3
Bailey Chapman    3
Hollianne Holmes    3
Daisy Hernandez    2
Brandon McCloskey    2
Dylan Stankavich    1
Mario    Ferracini    1

April 2020
Cecelia Fernandez    20
Daniel Johnson    18
Dianna Galindo    16
Elzbieta Karczewski    17
Paul Harrison    16
Terry Ennis    14
Rachael Shay    14
Aaron Pearce    13
Chris Garcia    13
Christopher Glassen    12
Michael Espudo    10
Darlene Tovar    7
Vanessa Abarca    6
Sara Kelly    6
Jeanette Brown    6
Maricela St Jean    4
Nick De Letto    2
Jessica Donnell    1
Anthony Griffin    1

May 2020
Scott Evans    35
Joe Pimentel    33
Zillah Otway    27
Susan Burke    23
Andy Chang    21
Shad Cotton    20
Janean Hawney    18
Jordan Peraino    16
Mike Lichtenfels    18
Kylee Seal    15
Juan Ojeda Jr.    15
Kamling Tsang    15
Anthony Little    14
Michael Collins    14
Hugh Barker    14
Conrad Avila    13
Erin Peak    13
Bonnie Crane-Sullivan    12
Jamie Somera    11
James Jones    9
Ashleigh Hvinden    7
Christopher Cunningham    7
Tam Tran    5
Brandon Tiongison    5
Joy Reinke    2
Esther Lan    2
Esteban Danna    2
Torrey Wolf    2
Kevin Gohres    2
Dani McManus    2
Erik Moe    1